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“The people of Spokane County deserve a Commissioner who will protect and grow jobs, create sustainable budgets, and prioritize public safety.”

– Josh Kerns

Josh will continue to focus on bringing economic development opportunities to Spokane County. 

Josh has worked to find efficiencies in government, cut wasteful spending, and has never voted to raise your property taxes.

Josh championed policies to bring a new level of transparency and accountability to County government.

Donate today to support Josh's campaign. Every donation makes a difference.

Volunteering, sign locations, questions... here's how you can get involved.

Learn about Josh's background, experience and family.

The new Spokane County Commissioner districts.

Spokane County Commissioner Redistricting Map
Spokane County Commissioner Redistricting Map District 3

The Washington State Legislature passed a bill increasing the size of the Spokane County Commission from three positions to five. An independent redistricting commission approved the new districts in October 2021.

Spokane County Commissioners will now be elected by the district they represent, rather than by a county-wide vote. More information can be found at

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